Life Forest

GIS Consulting

I believe strongly in the preservation of our forests for future generations and honoring our loved ones, and Life Forest® makes this happen with their burial methods. Through this capacity, I have the privilege of working with Life Forest, a cremation cemetery with a conservation easement in Hillsborough, NH, as the Director of Mapping Technology. In my time with Life Forest, I have developed an umbrella approach to cemetery incorporating GIS data storage, design, and environmental information. This approach simplifies the legal requirements of a cemetery, with the ability to have all relevant data incorporated into one point of record to share with appropriate offices in local municipalities and environmental service agencies.

This approach was created for Life Forest based on their original concept and design. Intellectual property rights will require you to obtain written permission from Life Forest to utilize this approach.

Available courses

I have taught several classes on Life Forest mapping techniques, legacy protection, storage of environmental information, and conservation cemetery design. These include presenting at the 2021 Green Burial Conference with Mel Bennett and John O'Neil, and two online courses through Redesigning the End: the Forest Burial and What it Means course and the Green Burial Masterclass with Master Educators Lee Webster and Holly Blue Hawkins.

Thank you for respecting the intellectual property rights of Life Forest. For information about implementing Life Forest mapping into your cemetery design, please fill out the following form. A member of Life Forest will be in contact with you within 4-6 weeks to discuss the approval of intellectual property rights.

Life Forest GIS mapping and conceptual design as well as memorialization of digital legacy and plantings of memorial trees as burial markers is a registered trademark of Life Forest.

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