LGBTQIA+ Community

I am a strong proponent of working within my university and academic community to advance the rights of LGBTQIA+ individuals.  In the course of my work, I have developed several resource guides, websites, and presentations to educate and support administration, faculty, staff, and students in their endeavors to make campuses more open to LGBTQIA+ individuals.  These resource sites include:

Queer Conferences Organized

Queer in Computational and Applied Mathematics (QCAM)

I am a co-organizer for QCAM, set to be held at the Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics (ICERM) in Summer 2024.  This conference is designed to engage queer members of the computational mathematics (and tangentially related) community for a week of conversations about mathematics and being queer in STEM fields.  

Trans Thriving photo


I was a co-organizer for the #TransThriving2018 conference held on September 29, 2018 at Southern New Hampshire University. This conference was aimed toward transgender and gender-diverse students at local colleges and universities to help promote a sense of community. Portions of the conference were sponsored by a grant from the SNHU President's Office of Diversity Initiatives.  

Queer Photo Campaigns

FAces of Pride

During my tenure with the President's Commission on LGBTQ Advocacy, I was involved in the 2014 and 2016 Faces of Pride campaign at SNHU.  This campaign, started in 2013, recognizes LGBTQ individuals and their allies, with collages and individual portraits hung in galleries around campus.  These individuals chose to share personal aspects of themselves in the hope that there will be a continued acceptance and celebration of all forms of diversity.  

2013 Faces of Pride

2013 Faces of Pride

2014 Faces of Pride

2014 Faces of Pride

2016 Faces of Pride

2016 Faces of Pride

Diversity Training


I've been involved with quite a few trainings and seminars around diversity in the workplace.  Specifically, I've given talks on recommendations for hiring and supporting DEI faculty. 

Engaging the Mathematical Community

I enjoy working with individuals from a variety of different mathematical backgrounds.  In addition to helping organize the Fall 2018 MAA Northeast Sectional Meeting hosted by SNHU, I've worked with the mathematics department at SNHU to bring in speakers for the colloquium series during the 2014-2016 academic years. These talks ranged in topics from the mathematics of transportation design to presidential elections to famous feuds in mathematical history.  

I have also reviewed a variety of books for the MAA Reviews, mostly in the realms of Mathematical Modeling and Recreational Mathematics.