Teaching Resources (Projects)

The following are PDFs for projects I've used over the years in Heart of Mathematics (HoM) -- a general education course aimed at bringing higher level mathematics to an accessible level; Calculus III (based around my childhood favorite TV character, Carmen Sandiego); and Linear Algebra and Ordinary Differential Equations, both of which use MATLAB code. All keys are available upon request.

Technology (Matlab, Latex, and Beamer Primer)

These resources were created for a LaTeX and Beamer primer for the NCSU REU program.

  • The LaTeX file requires download of the tex file as well as the image file. The Beamer primer requires the tex file and the three image files to compile. These are conveniently packaged in a .zip file. In addition, the LaTeX Crib Sheet has quite a few helpful LaTeX commands for commonly used symbols and environments.

  • Matlab files are also contained here. The Introduction to Matlab file is based on a document developed by Adam Attarian, a former colleague of mine from NC State. Inspiration for some of the MATLAB introduction files has also come from Adam. include an assignment as well as relevant starting documents and partial solutions to the assignment with codes.