Current Courses

🚧🚧 This page is meant to give an idea of what courses I am currently working on adapting with new teaching and learning ideas or topics. Students may find this useful as an overview of the course and other visitors may find this useful for sparking ideas in their own courses. This is the newest work in progress. 🚧🚧

FALL 2021

General overview

In each of my courses this semester, I'm going to have a cumulative exam due at the end of the semester. However, I plan on making the exam available early in the semester so students have time to plan their lives around working on this take-home exam. In addition, weekly quizzes will be partially based on homework problems (which students are allowed to use their notes and homework for) and partially on the day's readings. This is to encourage students to prepare for class.

MAT325 - Calculus III

I've decided against the use of projects this semester, as I feel Carmen Sandiego needs a rewrite - this course needs an overhaul, and I'm teaching it again in the spring, so I'm working out what I want to do differently to make it better.

MAT330 - Differential Equations

In addition to exams, I am using three MATLAB projects to help students see why and how differential equations work. These projects range from population modeling and measuring blood alcohol content, to exploring Duffing's equation. Students also get a chance to be exposed to MATLAB before they are required to use it in their engineering courses (which is where many of our ODE students end up).

SPring 2021

I was on sabbatical! Besides taking some well-needed time with my dog Molly, I worked on two projects. The first was a submission to MAA Focus on the Real-Life Mathematician project, which I'm pleased to say is in print in the June/July 2021 issue! The second, in more of my traditionally-based research-focus, was working on an article about physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modeling of vitamin D and three metabolites in vitamin-D deficient patients. This article is currently under review. Interested? There's a brief synopsis on my personal research page. While this article is under review, my collaborators and I are starting on a companion paper where we investigate the impacts of chronic kidney disease on the parameters we found for healthy individuals.